The Indian Govt. started a scheme under Industrial policy to develop the small and cottage industries which had built up a self employment with the help of human resources, technically skilled person. Under this scheme some institutes were set up and kept the name of those Institutes were Industrial training institutes i.e. I.T.I. and in private sector RAMBHAJAN I.T.I is a part of this scheme. RAMBHAJAN I.T.I was established in Gaya (Bihar) in year 2016 with the aim to develop technical knowledge in our youth.

The sole motto of this institute is to develop skill among the students of ordinary merit in various technical areas like, fitter, electrician, etc. with the guidance of the learned and committed instructors; RAMBHAJAN I.T.I imparts training programs at its workshop having all requisite facilities. The students are trained to fulfil the incremental expectations of the Indian manufacturing sector in respect of quality and productivity so as to meet the competitive environment in the post-liberalization era.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds from the city and state/provinces. They share a culture that respects openness, inclusiveness; collegiality and diversity. We provide a real focus on the student experience. We understand students come to us, each with an individual dream: • To learn about and reach beyond their field of interest; • To explore many different experiences that will help them choose their future directions; and also to meet others and enjoy a very special time in their lives. We recognize students learn in many ways, from formal teaching settings, from research in libraries and laboratories and also from other students and from the different background, recreational and artistic activities that are available to students of RAMBHAJAN Pvt. ITI.

The objective was to involve industry to manage and upgrade the ITIs as per requirements of the industry and employers.

The main goal of this institute is to give our best result seat national level. The progress of this institute will depended upon the future of trainees in technical area & will identity reputed by skills of successful trainees give new height.

In reality the RAMBHAJAN Pvt. ITI Institute was established to accomplish people’s dream. We always feels that technical knowledge in must in our’s for that people need the best Industrial Institute.
We succeed to open RAMBHAJAN Pvt. ITI & we started some trade likes fitter’s / electrician’s and cutting fire technology. I hope that our efforts will open the gate of your of your golden future.


We at RAMBHAJAN ITI are committed to develop skill sets suitable to the advancement of Manufacturing and Service sectors. The mission of RBITI is to serve the society and to enhance the technical skill and quality of life of the people. At the same time it is our aim to meet the changing needs of the society with excellence, leadership, problem solving and interdisciplinary collaboration. Also we strongly desire to be recognized as an excellent academic community by continual improvement, personal growth and professional development. We at RBITI are committed to establish itself as a leading Industrial Training Institute and achieve greater recognition for our efforts in our chosen fields of endeavour.


The Vision of RAM BHAJAN ITI is to establish itself as a leading ITI college IN OUR STATES and achieve greater recognition for our efforts in our chosen fields. To give society a number of committed professional s at affordable cost. And To make our State and Nation self sufficient in skilled workforce...

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