The Indian Govt. started a scheme under Industrial policy to develop the small and cottage industries which had built up a self employment with the help of human resources, technically skilled person. Under this scheme some institutes were set up and kept the name of those Institutes were Industrial training institutes i.e. I.T.I. and in private sector RAMBHAJAN I.T.I is a part of this scheme. RAMBHAJAN I.T.I was established in Gaya (Bihar) in year 2016 with the aim to develop technical knowledge in our youth.

The sole motto of this institute is to develop skill among the students of ordinary merit in various technical areas like, fitter, electrician, etc. with the guidance of the learned and committed instructors; RAMBHAJAN I.T.I imparts training programs at its workshop having all requisite facilities. The students are trained to fulfil the incremental expectations of the Indian manufacturing sector in respect of quality and productivity so as to meet the competitive environment in the post-liberalization era.Read more..

Director Message

Dear students,
I welcome you all to the RAMBHAJAN PRIVATE INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE and look Forward to fulfilling the aspirations with which you have enrolled for our Courses.

We are pleased to assure you of our constant and best attention throughout the duration of the Course.

RAMBHAJAN Private Industrial Training Institute hopes to bring top quality education to you with rigorous study schedules and workshop.

Our training centre is well equipped to provide you with the best that the training industry has to offer by way of infrastructure, well trained faculty and well developed teaching methodologies and smart classes. We hope you will derive maximum benefit from our courses and go back with a sense of pride, achievement and fulfilment after you have successfully completion the course.

Accordingly, we also expect that you will always be upto our standards in seriousness in your education, discipline as a student and proud of being a part of growing family of rambhajan Industrial Training Centre.
Wishing you all the best,


Principal Message

The college ensures student’s emotional growth flow with intellectual excellence. This empowers them to develop their self esteem, self awareness & confidence. Sharing ideas, analyzing situations & expressing them confidently are essential skills which are owned here, through experimental learning.

Raambhajan (Pvt.) Industrial Training Institute is an amalgamation of competent teachers, state of the art infrastructure and an experienced & efficient administration. The college came in to existence with the vision of creating a safe & supportive environment for its students to provide a perfect balance of academics, sports, artistic & social opportunities. Youth learning should be a joy & we strive for that.

We understand that the website of the Industrial Training Institute could be the best medium to communicate about the various skill development Trade undertaken by the institute. Such information is very useful for young generation of the day to understand the Trade & potential relevant industries for employment.

This is certainly a milestone for RAMBHAJAN PVT ITI PANTNAGAR GAYA to launch this site. I am sure that the website is very useful, informative & interesting for everyone who visits this site to get benefitted objectively.

"Your feedback is important to improve our functioning."